“Car Hacking: Yes, You can do that!” Andrey Voloshin · Talk (40 minutes)

The complete list of (I hope) all {not only} publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in car hacking. Contains a detailed description of Who When How has been hacked, toolz and technics. Encourage every other-field pentester to use their skills in car hacking giving fundamental knowledge of where to star…

“Advanced reverse engineering techniques in unpacking” Ievgen Kulyk · Talk (40 minutes)

There are a lot of packers/protectors used to hide the functionality of the software. Sometimes this software is legal, sometimes malicious. It is vital to be able to unpack such software for future investigation. But the main issue is that many commercial protections use different algorithms to ma…

“Traffic Analysis Workshop” Brad Duncan · Workshop (2 hours)

This workshop uses Wireshark to investigate Windows-based malware activity. Participants review packet captures (pcaps) of network traffic based on alerts from an Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

“10 major steps for Cybersecurity” Bert Heitink · Talk (40 minutes)

There's no such thing as 100% security, but this talk will demonstrate 10 main topics what needs attention to reduce the risk of being hacked

“Search over encrypted records: from academic dreams to production-ready tool” Artem Storozhuk · Talk (40 minutes)

The search over encrypted data is the modern cryptographic engineering problem. We will talk about existing approaches (both well-known and modern), and concentrate on practical solution based on blind index technique to search data in databases. What’s inside: cryptographic and functional schemes,…

“Hunting fileless malware” Olha Pasko · Workshop (2 hours)

Fileless malware and system tools as bypass techniques in cyber-attack. Hunting with SysInternals tools and Digital Forensics techniques.

“Will you detect it or not? How to check if security team is ready before incident happens” Oksana Safronova · Talk (40 minutes)

Before the real incident happens, security team must test their detection capabilities in different ways. An overview of MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, test environments and other friends of Blue Team.

“State Cybersecurity vs. Cybersecurity of the State. #FRD Lessons.” Kostiantyn Korsun · Talk (40 minutes)

Про роль кібер-волонтерів та кібер-чиновників у сучасній кібер-війні

“Mobile Anti-Virus apps exposed” Stephanie Vanroelen · Talk (40 minutes)

This talk is about top anti-virus apps on Mobile. An in depth look on how they work and what they do.
Do they add to or break the security of the mobile OS?

“Philosophical reflections on social networks user analysis” Anton Pavlushko · Workshop (2 hours)

Протягом воркшопу хотілось би поговорити про аналіз профілей у соціальних мережах. На що звертати увагу, куди дивитись, які бувають користувачі, як вони себе поводять. Чому важливий кожен клік, лайк та репост.

Будемо використовувати приклади та напрацювання з роботи проекту InformNapalm.

“Automation in modern Incident Detection & Response (IDR) process” Nazar Tymoshyk · Talk (40 minutes)

Incident Detection & Response requires People - to Think, Tools - to provide data and analytics and Processes - to avoid fuckups and assure the quality. But with more alerts, the analysis takes more time, decisions and moreover - actions need to be taken immediately. Attackers actively use auto…

“Knock Knock: Security threats with Kubernetes” Stanislav Kolenkin, Igor Khoroshchenko · Talk (40 minutes)

We will try to describe the most interesting security problems with Kubernetes environments from a DevOps and Security side.

“MacOS Security threats.” Vitaliy Mechytashvili · Talk (40 minutes)

Small talk about latest MacOS malware. Security patches and they issues. Examples both with well known malware samples, and with samples from own experience. This speech is like a brunch about how your Mac becomes exploited, with real cases of malware, known vulnerabilities and self-made PoC.

“Калина, Купина, та інша флора вітчизняної криптографії” Ruslan Kiyanchuk · Talk (40 minutes)

Огляд українських криптографічних алгоритмів та стандартів

“How to improve your privacy online” Nadia Klymenko · Workshop (2 hours)

Using the Internet, a person leaves a huge amount of information about themselves. And it would be nice to stop and look around: am I doing this all? An ordinary Internet user may have a deceptive impression of his own anonymity on the world wide web. So, the first thing to understand is that it is…

“What is autumn like in prison camps?” Pavlo Zhavoronkov · Talk (40 minutes)

This speech will give you a complete understanding of how to get in jail by doing cybercrimes in Ukraine.

“Live-patching weak crypto with OpenSSL engines” Ignat Korchagin · Talk (40 minutes)

Do you have an old proprietary piece of software, which uses weak crypto, and you can’t throw it away? Is it based on OpenSSL (very likely due to OpenSSL popularity and permissive license)? If yes, you’re in luck: you can fix your system without the need to have the source code or to mess with low-…

“Professional Debates” Invited speakers · Social Event (60 minutes)

Oxford-style team debates on professional topics.

“Hacking Quiz” Teams registration pending · Social Event (60 minutes)

Team competition on professional topics prepared and conducted by the professional game editors.

“Conference Opening” Anastasiia Vixentael, Serhii Korolenko · Social Event (60 minutes)

Official conference opening.

“Conference Closure” Vlad Styran, Ihor Bliumental, Tim Karpinsky · Social Event (60 minutes)

Official conference closure.

“NoNameCon "Hack the Box" Activity Recap” Kyrylo Hobrenyak · Workshop (2 hours)

Розбір завдань NoNameCon Hacking Activity

“NoNamePodcast Episode 37 LIVE” Tim Karpinsky, Vlad Styran, Ruslan Kiyanchuk, Ihor Kravchuk · Social Event (60 minutes)

A live recording of the No Name Podcast