Knock Knock: Security threats with Kubernetes
2019-05-16, 14:00–14:40, Main Hall

We will try to describe the most interesting security problems with Kubernetes environments from a DevOps and Security side.

We'll discuss the actual cloud security threats and trends for 2019.

Look behind the curtain of modern data breaches, weak identity and access management and incident response flaws.

The rise of Serverless and Kubernetes as Enterprise solutions and lack of related security expertise during SDLC.

Summarize the analytics and practical researches on adversaries techniques and tactics, a mass scan of cloud services and the uncertainty of business impacts behind them.

Provide materials for further education.

Security Systems Engineer @ EPAM

15+ years of professional experience in the Information Technologies (IT) industry.
I have received much experience in quick problem solving and not standard issues ( last years in DevOps/Deployment engineer). I have done many Kubernetes projects with different plugins on OpenStack, AWS, GCP, and Bare-Metal. Last 3 years I am working with Docker, Kubernetes, Calico, Istio, GCP, AWS.