Car Hacking: Yes, You can do that!
2019-05-16, 11:00–11:40, Main Hall

The complete list of (I hope) all {not only} publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in car hacking. Contains a detailed description of Who When How has been hacked, toolz and technics. Encourage every other-field pentester to use their skills in car hacking giving fundamental knowledge of where to start and what to expect. Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Nissan β€” few words about all of them 😈

There is no doubt that connected cars and vehicles are part of our future. We observe silly steps towards safe and secure mobility. But for now, there is a lot of pentesting work to do.

Backend server applications, API endpoints, mobile applications, web frontend, internal car networks, RF interfaces, V2X, and different sensors β€” all of them are designed without enough security in mind.

Our talk will unveil some well known and some non-public vulnerabilities in connected car architectures and implementations. Direct links and full disclosures. Massive, gorgeous, hilarious and intelligent discoveries from all over the automotive industry.

You'll see how your skills ARE RELEVANT.

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