Automation in modern Incident Detection & Response (IDR) process
2019-05-17, 14:00–14:40, Main Hall

Incident Detection & Response requires People - to Think, Tools - to provide data and analytics and Processes - to avoid fuckups and assure the quality. But with more alerts, the analysis takes more time, decisions and moreover - actions need to be taken immediately. Attackers actively use automation, so Defenders should also optimize their processes.

In our presentation, we'd like to share with the community our lessons learned. Our focus would be on practical moments, the challenges we faced and the simple working solutions we discovered.

We plan to challenge the audience with simple but vital questions that will help to establish a good communication bridge to make this delivery effective and valuable for engineers to improve their defense. We'd like to discuss also a variety of actions to be taken after the incident is confirmed.
Come and take it.