Ali Abdollahi

Ali Abdollahi a cyber security expert with over 8 years of experience working in a variety of security fields. Ali is a full-time consultant helping clients with product security testing, reverse engineering, penetration testing, exploit developing, red-teaming, secure coding, and more, giving him ample opportunity to use his skills in a diversity of ways. In addition, He is instructor, author and board of review at Hakin9 company. Ali is a self-confessed bug hunter, publisher of many vulnerabilities and CVEs. Ali is a regular speaker and trainer at industry conferences like: DefCon (Red Team, AppSec and Aerospace villages), C0C0nXII, OWASP AppSec Days, BSides, TyphoonCon, Texas Cyber Summit, Confidence Con.

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Hunting malware in documents (lang: EN)
Ali Abdollahi

Most of cyber attacks and Advanced persistent threats (APT) set users as target and exploit documents to compromise victim machines. This workshop will give you a deep knowledge about these kind of attacks and you will be able to hunting threat actors used malicious documents.

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