Oleh Levytskyi

4 years experience as a full time IT-Security Analyst I am currently responsible for malicious software analysis, forensics, incident response, Security Product researches and development.

Speaker at:
- OWASP Ukraine 2018: Security issues with Chrome extensions on practical use cases.
- DC38032 Lviv 2019: MacOS forensics and anti forensics (tips and tricks)
- Lviv Polytechnic National University training: Windows Persistence mechanisms

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Hunting for APT in network logs
Oleh Levytskyi, Bogdan

Network logs are one of the most efficient sources to hunt adversaries, but building good analytics capabilities require a deep understanding of benign activity and attacker behavior. This training focuses on detecting real-case attacks, tools and scenarios by the past year.

The training is highly interactive and retains a good balance between theory and a lot of hands-on exercises for the students to get used to the detection engineering methodology and prepare them to start implementing this at their organizations.