Hrushikesh Kakade

Hrushikesh Kakade specializes in advanced assessments of Mobile Security (Android and iOS), Network Infrastructure Security, DevSecOps, Container security, Web security, and Cloud security. Hrushikesh is a member of the Synack Red Team and is a holder of renowned OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification. He is an active member of local Cybersecurity chapters and has delivered multiple talks and workshops. He is an Open Source Contributor and has a keen understanding of Linux Internals. He has received multiple CVEs to his name for finding vulnerabilities in different applications.

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Android Application Hacking with Damn Vulnerable Bank
Rewanth Tammana, Hrushikesh Kakade, Akshansh Jaiswal

From mobile devices to smartwatches, automotives, smart refrigerators, and many other devices, Android is ruling the market. This gives an onus on developers to protect the information and integrity of their users by developing a secure code for the applications. This enforces us to secure Android applications used by millions and billions of people across the globe.

This session aims to demonstrate our open-source application, Damn Vulnerable Bank. This application provides an interface for folks interested in android application security to assess their skills. This short course will be packed with static and dynamic analysis, dynamic instrumentation, binary analysis, hacking APKs at a low level, playing with multiple debuggers, and many other interesting discussions. By the end of this session, you will gain an understanding of different threat vectors and exploitability means.

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