Influence operation mitigation with the AMITT framework
2021-09-02, 11:00–11:40, Main track

CogSecCollab introduces updates to the AMITT framework and complementary countermeasures. We'll look at how these countermeasures are being used in the wild by disinformation responders of all sizes, and explore our work integrating disinformation response into a SOC.

Roger Johnston is a security specialist at Ubisoft and a member of CogSecCollab. In 2020, Cognitive Security Collaborative set up the CTI League's disinformation team, and continues to work with groups around the world to bootstrap communities of disinformation responders.

His work involves security consulting, adversary emulation, and malware development. At CogSecCollab he researches influence operation TTPs and develops mitigation strategies for the AMITT framework, performs red team exercises, and develops trainings.