Philippe Delteil

Computer Science Engineer from the University of Chile, he gave his first talk at Defcon 26 Skytalks, called “Macabre stories of a hacker in the public health sector”, his country’s government sent 3 officials to record the talk, over 3 Ministries shut down all their information systems afraid that Philippe would reveal some serious bugs and that Defcon attendees would hack the government, but the systems only were down from friday to monday, the only days hackers work. While living in Brazil he hacked over 3,000 wifi routers of the biggest ISP. Most of the time, he gives classes for free in various topics: CTF, pentesting, programming, Basic computer knowledge. He’s been working with Wifi hacking during the last 3 months. He has a company with a very clever name: Info-sec.

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Wifi hacking workshop (lang: EN)
Philippe Delteil

Wireless Networks are the most used type of network, most people don’t know really how vulnerable they are. In this workshop we will cover most encryptions used today, how they work and step by step hacking exercises. You will be able to apply this knowledge on real-life-scenario wifis

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