Anastasiia Vixentael, Serhii Korolenko

Anastasiia Vixentael and Serhii Korolenko are the moderators of the main conference track.

  • Conference Opening
Andrey Voloshin

}{ardware geek, application security bard, amateur downhill biker

🤓Chief TechMakerMan @
😎CTO @ — Smart Mobility Company

  • Car Hacking: Yes, You can do that!
Anton Pavlushko

Народився в Києві у 1984-му році. Вчився в Русанівському фізико-математичному ліцеї, більше всього любив математику та програмування, а також залюбки ходив на олімпіади.

Вчився на ІПСА (КПІ), потім переїхав до Німеччини, де продовжив вчитись. З тих пір живу та працюю в Мюнхені, веду активну журналістську та політичну діяльність.

  • Philosophical reflections on social networks user analysis
Artem Storozhuk

Security software engineer at CossackLabs

An experienced security engineer, working at designing, building and auditing complex cryptographic systems. The author of numerous cryptographic research papers. Have experience in public speaking – teaching cryptography students for last four years and is leading software security training for mobile developers.
An active open source contributor and one of the BouncyCastle's contributor

1) [GitHub]
2) [BouncyCastle contributor]
3) [Ph.D dissertation]
4) [speaking video]
5) [slides]
6) [paper]
7) [paper]

  • Search over encrypted records: from academic dreams to production-ready tool
Bert Heitink

Started in IT security in 1997 with VPN’s and Firewall for business and first Internet adopters after being IT manager for several years. Co-Founder of Sincerus in 2004 an IT security company.
Specialized in Ethical Hacking and Security Operations Center in Zwolle (NL). 
Works internationally for Banks, Insurance companies, but also for Military specialized organization in setting up SOC’s.
Started in 2014 CyberMonitor in Enschede (NL) a local SOC – MSSP to provider smaller companies with security protection.
Sold shares in 2015 to become an independent professional again.

Is a Guest teacher and keynote speaker for Conferences. Co-Author of the Factsheet Security Operation Center for the (Dutch) National Cyber Security Center.

Currently focused on Machine Learning and the coming possibilities of AI and Threat Intelligence, working as Global Security manager for International Company

  • 10 major steps for Cybersecurity
Deleted User
  • Traffic Analysis Workshop
Ievgen Kulyk

Reverse engineer and security researcher.
Speaker at nonamecon 2018.

  • Advanced reverse engineering techniques in unpacking
Ignat Korchagin

Ignat Korchagin is a security engineer at Cloudflare working mostly on platform and hardware security. Ignat's interests are cryptography, hacking, and low-level programming. Before Cloudflare, Ignat worked as a senior security engineer for Samsung Electronics' Mobile Communications Division. His solutions may be found in many older Samsung smart phones and tablets. Ignat started his career as a security researcher in the Ukrainian government's communications services.

  • Live-patching weak crypto with OpenSSL engines
Igor Khoroshchenko

Security Systems Engineer @ EPAM

  • Knock Knock: Security threats with Kubernetes
Invited speakers
  • Professional Debates
Kostiantyn Korsun

Костянтин Корсун

У 2000-2005 роках Костянтин працював заступником керівника відділу боротьби з комп’ютерною злочинністю при Департаменті контррозвідки СБУ, а пізніше – одним із засновником та першим керівником CERT-UA.
Після звільненні зі служби Костянтин працював директором українського офісу міжнародної кібербезпекової компанії iSIGHT Partners (тепер є частиною FireEye), пізніше співпрацював з Symantec Corp. у якості незалежного постачальника послуг Threat Intelligence.
Наразі Костянтин є співзасновником та виконавчим директором кібербезпекової компанії Бережа Сек’юріті, яка надає послуги тестування на проникнення, оцінки безпеки програмного забезпечення, оцінки на соціальну інженерію, розробки та впровадження програм безпеки додатків, безпекової обізнаності персоналу, Bug Bounty, тощо.
Пан Корсун є активним членом української кібер-спільноти, пропагуючи ідеї розвитку індустрії кібербезпеки в українському суспільстві.

As former deputy head of Cybercrime Division at Security Service of Ukraine (colonel ret.), Kostyantyn was one of the founders and the first head of CERT-UA. After resigning from the service, Kos acted as Regional Director for Ukraine Research Office of iSIGHT Partners, international cyber threat intelligence company. Then he cooperated with Symantec Corp. as an official vendor of Threat Intelligence service.
Currently a CEO and Co-Founder of Berezhs Security LLC., a company that provides services in Penetration Testing, Security Awareness Programs, Software Security Assessment, Bug Bounty Program, Social Engineering Assessment, Application Security Programs.
Mr. Korsun is an active member of the local cyber community in Ukraine promoting cybersecurity ideas within Ukrainian society.

  • State Cybersecurity vs. Cybersecurity of the State. #FRD Lessons.
Kyrylo Hobrenyak
  • NoNameCon "Hack the Box" Activity Recap
Nadia Klymenko

Nadiia has a master's degree in cybersecurity. Experience in testing for 3 years. Engaged in mobile and web testing, UI and API automation in such companies as Playtech, Betlab. She was a technical project manager in the HackenProof bounty platform. In her position, she combines the efforts of 1,500+ ethical hackers, internal security teams, and sales departments to ensure the safety of customers' products in Asia and Europe.
Now she works Security Assessment Engineer in Samsung

  • How to improve your privacy online
Nazar Tymoshyk

Nazar has a Ph.D. degree in cybersecurity and he's a founder & CEO at UnderDefense, a boutique offense & defense cybersecurity firm with HQ in Lviv, Western Ukraine, offices in NYC, San Francisco, Vienna, Malta, employing 35 security engineers.
His company is an elite Splunk Professional Services partner, serving clients in EU with processing 500GB of security logs per day, driving elite SOC and IDR team.
Nazar has a rich experience leading technology companies to the next stages of growth and innovation. Prior to starting his own company, Nazar leads a Security Center of Excellence at SoftServe for 7.5 years, as IT Security on Eleks, as Linux/Novell administrator in Lviv Polytechnic.
Nazar used to work as an associate professor teaching Network, Web Security and Exploitation techniques for over 2 years, lecturer in Lviv IT School, delivering lectures for Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Polytechnic, speaking on at least 15 conferences annually.

  • Automation in modern Incident Detection & Response (IDR) process
Oksana Safronova

SOC Analyst at UnderDefense

  • Will you detect it or not? How to check if security team is ready before incident happens
Olha Pasko

Blue teamer, Threat hunter, Digital Forensics Investigator and Chief Security Analyst in RMRF-team.

  • Hunting fileless malware
Pavlo Zhavoronkov

Security tester @ EPAM

  • What is autumn like in prison camps?
Ruslan Kiyanchuk

Cryptographer and software engineer, passionate Linux user and coffee addict.

Ruslan holds MSc degree in Information and Communication Systems Security from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, specializing in symmetric cryptography. As a graduate he joined JSC "Institute of Information Technologies" to conduct research and development of symmetric cryptographic algorithms, where he collaborated with a team of cryptographers designing block cipher "Kalyna" adopted as a national standard of Ukraine in 2015. Ruslan now works at Symantec, Inc. headquarters in California.

  • Калина, Купина, та інша флора вітчизняної криптографії
Stanislav Kolenkin

15+ years of professional experience in the Information Technologies (IT) industry.
I have received much experience in quick problem solving and not standard issues ( last years in DevOps/Deployment engineer). I have done many Kubernetes projects with different plugins on OpenStack, AWS, GCP, and Bare-Metal. Last 3 years I am working with Docker, Kubernetes, Calico, Istio, GCP, AWS.

  • Knock Knock: Security threats with Kubernetes
Stephanie Vanroelen

Stephanie Vanroelen is passionate about security. She has multiple years of experience as a penetration tester and security researcher. She currently works for NVISO. She often gives talks and trainings to other security professionals. Stephanie is a co-organizer of BruCON, the Belgian based annual Hacker and security conference, and founder of cyberSKool, teaching kids IT security awareness and hacking by doing STEM related activities.

  • Mobile Anti-Virus apps exposed
Teams registration pending
  • Hacking Quiz
Tim Karpinsky, Vlad Styran, Ruslan Kiyanchuk, Ihor Kravchuk

No Name Podcast @no_podcast are:

Ihor Kravchuk, Canada – @ingvar_ua #cloud #network #devops #space
Tim Karpinsky, Ukraine – @itsec_machete #cyber #hacking #booze
Ruslan Kiyanchuk, USA – @zoresvit #cryptography #science #software
Vlad Styran, Ukraine – @arunninghacker #appsec #pentesting #socialengineering

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Vitaliy Mechytashvili

21 y.o. security researcher. Working with UnderDefense. On previous project gain a lot experience with Mac security from malware.

History of titles:
Mac Malware analysis ~ 1 year
Red team lead ~ 3 month (now)

  • MacOS Security threats.
Vlad Styran, Ihor Bliumental, Tim Karpinsky

Vlad Styran, Ihor Bliumental, and Tim Karpinsky are the co-founders of NoNameCon.

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