Alex "Jay" Balan

“Using cloud implementations to hack IoT. A practical guide working on multiple vendors”

Ali Abdollahi

“Hunting malware in documents (lang: EN)”

All attendees!

“Hacker Quiz”

Andy Greenberg

“SANDWORM: Lessons from the Ukrainian Cyberwar and Beyond”

Bruce Schneier

“Special exclusive interview with Bruce Schneier”

Carlos Polop

“Local Privilege Escalation Workshop (Linux & Windows) (lang: EN)” | “PEASS - Privilege Escalation Awesome Scripts Suite”

Ignat Korchagin

“Paste Wars: fighting for copypaste freedom”

Igor Bondarenko

“Захист вiд ботiв без шкоди для бiзнесу. Теорiя та приклади впровадження рiзноманiтних механiзмiв”

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

“Post-quantum security: should you care?”

Joe Gray

“A DECEPTICON and AUTOBOT walk into a bar: Python for enhanced OPSEC”

Kostiantyn Korsun

“The country of unlearned lessons”

Mikheil Basilaia

“Cyber Attacks Against Georgia (October 2019 ) and Georgian Internet Security Landscape”

Oksana Safronova

“How 2 remove a viru$”

Philippe Delteil

“Wifi hacking workshop (lang: EN)”

Rajanish Pathak, Harsh Jaiswal, Rahul Maini

“Demystifying the Server Side (lang: EN)”

Ruslan Kiyanchuk

“Special exclusive interview with Bruce Schneier”

Serhii Korolenko

“Web application security assessment with source code analysis (lang: UA)”

Several speakers

“Professional Debate”

Tom Van Goethem

“Help, my browser is leaking! Exploring XSLeaks attacks and defenses”

Vlad Styran

“Tactical Offensive Reporting (lang: UA)”